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Sentinel Hosting emerges as a branch of CMA Communications, LLC (CMA Comm), under the adept ownership of Christopher Ayers, III. Done with the frustration of being shuffled between customer service lines? That’s a non-issue here – Opt for our Simple hosting plan, and you’ll have Chris as your dedicated point of contact. Feel free to direct any support inquiries to contact@sentinel-hosting.com. With our Advanced hosting plan, you gain the combined support of both Sentinel Hosting and Hostley23. Reach out to either of them, and we’ll furnish the appropriate contact details to our valued existing clients.

CMA Communications stands as your holistic partner for all your online and print marketing requisites. Together, we forge pathways to amplify your business’s reach and ascendancy. The inception of Sentinel Hosting was my response to enabling businesses to economize on establishing their online foothold. Imagine, trimming expenses on website hosting – it’s a concept beyond the conventional big-box approach that demands hefty annual fees.


Additional Services


Drawing on extensive experience since the early 2000s, Chris is a seasoned WordPress website builder. Our proficiency lies in translating your vision into a strategically crafted online presence, designed to optimize your site’s ranking for lead generation, ultimately enhancing your ability to secure and finalize business deals.

Let’s talk about your new/next project. Or, see how we may assist in taking what you have to the next level.


Lead Generation

Let’s partner up to build a site that reaches page one search results and keeps your phone ringing. We’ll be the invoice that helps you pay all the others…

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Social Sharing

Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Utilizing all avenues of free traffic is important to get your business name and services out to the masses, local or national. We can help integrate your content from your site to drive more organic (FREE) traffic to your business.

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We Got Started to Uncomplicate Hosting

Why make hosting more complex than it needs to be? How can you navigate through the sea of services and plans, especially when technical terms are baffling? Your time is better spent on your business. This is why Sentinel Hosting was born – to eliminate needless confusion and barriers, making the process straightforward. Our unique features aren’t found in other hosting plans. Get in touch today to embark on a simplified hosting journey.

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