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How Do Sentinel Hosting Prices Compare?

We get it – at first, we may seem like we charge more. “I saw the other company charge only a few dollars per month,” you say. When you look closer and read the fine print, you just may find a different story.

Check out our price comparison page for more detail.

Their initial price tag may look prettier, but, the fine print will prove that you will have more limitations (which affects your website). And, after their “introductory” price increases, it will cost you almost double, if not more, than Sentinel Hosting – and still have the limitations!

View our price comparison page here.

Does Sentinel Hosting offer a CDN?

You can easily register a free account with CloudFlare for a free CDN. Cloudflare offers paid services for additional features as well. Sentinel Hosting works with any CDN you choose.

I don't know anything about hosting. What do I do?

Start by sending us a message with your domain. Sentinel Hosting is here to help. If you’re looking for assistance in web design that generates leads and business, please let us know. Sentinel Hosting is a division of CMA Communications, LLC. We can discuss your goals and offer a plan of action. 

What about security?

The heart of our name, Sentinel Hosting – one that keeps guard; a sentry. With each domain, you get a free SSL certificate, automatic backups, firewall protection, and malware protection.

Who is Sentinel Hosting

Never heard of us before? No problem. Check out our About page for more information.

What if I need help?

In need of some assistance? No problem. Send us a message and we can get on the phone for a quick call to address any questions you may have and get you set up. You’ll first need to have a domain (URL) registered – let us know if you need assistance with this. We’ll walk you through the process of changing your NameServers, and get you the necessary access.

What is TinyCRM?

TinyCRM is an intermediate CRM for those that need something better than a text document or a spreadsheet but something simpler and more lightweight than the Established CRMs that cost Hundreds of dollars.

TinyCRM normally costs $12.74 (€10) per active user per month. Our Advanced Hosting plan offers this service for free.

Need something more? We recommend PipelinePRO*. (Click the link to learn more about PipelinePRO and its lifetime license.) PipelinePRO is a more robust, all-in-one solution for your customer relationship management needs – including messaging and billing.

What is ConvertPops?

ConvertPops provides notification widgets on your website. Easily setup on any website with one line of code in your header section and integrate with Shopify, WordPress, Zapier and more.

What is FaceZon Store Builder?

Do you have an Amazon Store? FaceZon Store Builder is a tool that integrates your Amazon® store with your Facebook® page. Your Amazon listings will display on your Facebook store.

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